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I have had my 2007 for 3 years. Love the truck, love driving it. Hell, it saved my life a few months ago when I wrecked. Any other truck I would have been messed up according to multiple sources. I wanted to get a newer one with backup camera. Found a 2014 trail teams which, many of you know, are a 1/2500 fj. It had high mileage and when we test drove it, well lets just say my '07 sounds much better. Nice truck, but had engine noise that was not making me want to trade up. Instead I want to put money into my baby and give her the love she deserves. My first goal is a backup camera and a blue tooth enabled head unit. I live in a city area where parallel parking is a need. Now I can parallel park but trying to do that in front of a tiny car..... well I can't see it for ****. Pardon the language. As it is if my best friend is following me in her veloster, she disappears. I have managed all the blind spots and got used to them, but still have difficulty parallel parking her. So what I am looking for is a backup camera mounted the same way as the oem on the newer models. Having driving the bumper mounted and the tire mounted ones, the tire is much more accurate in my opinion. Any input on where to get the mounting, camera, new head unit, all of it; please pass it forward. Sorry so long, much appreciated.
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