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(I was unable to post this in the group buy section)

You can find the original post from Chas Moore here:

I am trying to get the ball rolling on this so I can get the taillights :grin

Chas Moore is at Moore Racing Tech.

November 9 at 11:10am · Las Vegas

Warrior Products Black Friday Group Buy!! Round 2 on FJ Taillights.

Its November and that means black friday discounts! Ever since Moore Racing Tech did a group buy on the Made in USA Warrior Steel FJ Taillights, weve had requests for other warrior items.

To get the best pricing possible, we need an idea of who wants what shipped to where. This way we can work with Warrior on logistics and group pricing for us all.

This time, all Warrior Products are included in the sale, please post up which items you are interested in and the zip code we will be shipping too. There is no commitment needed at this time.

Check out the complete product line -

All vehicles are included. Tell your friends!

****FJ Steel LED Tail Lights****
Well guys, I've got the price down a good amount thanks to warrior. I am working on a better price if more join of us join in.
Reg price is $485
If we have 10 members join in the price is:
$385 SHIPPED for black powdercoated
$365 SHIPPED for raw, uncoated
Shipping is out of Las Vegas and includes the continental USA. We will ship worldwide, please ask for a quote.
$10 Discount w/ Venmo Payment

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You were unable to post it because you are not a PAID Supporting Vendor.

Per the forum rules; You need to contact all the vendors on this forum first and find out if any of them sell this product BEFORE coming on here and posting a Group Buy offered by someone else.

Or Chas Moore needs to be a paid supporting vendor on this forum. Moore can contact us at [email protected]

I'm closing this thread until you or Moore get this sorted out. Any questions, contact the Sales Dept at the link above.

Thanks! :cheers: A PAID Supporting Vendor list is near the bottom of this page.
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Not open for further replies.