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So this all started because I was tired of getting my paint chipped from desert gravel road rocks.

I switched to the Warrior Products FJ fender flares, which were overall very nice but still have some fitment issues (in one spot on the rear wheels, even with the supplied P-molding filler material, there is a gap between the fender and the flare, which I have still not solved. If anyone has some advice here, I'd love to here it.

I'm not good at trimming plastic to fit, so I ended up replacing the rear corners with the Warrior Products corners, but they wouldn't fit with the Warn bumper. I finally got that finished; I had to cut and modify the WP corner's mounting brackets, trim the bottom of the corners, add new mounting holes in the FJ and the corners, and finally I found some trim for the ragged edge on the bottom of the corners. After a long saga and having to pull the bumper off twice, I am happy with those.

But now I'm dealing with the fact that the "sideplates" behind the front tire are gone. Again, I'm not sure how to trim the OEM plastic to fit. I finally ordered the ones from Warrior Products, but I am a bit nervous about using them since the removal instructions for the body-portion don't match my vehicle. I have a 2007 and there are a series of screws holding my sill on that don't exist on the WP kit. I am afraid I am just going to go down the rabbit hole and have another part that doesn't fit right, and when the smoke clears I will have gone from bad to worse. They have been sitting in their box in my garage for a year.

Any advice? Has anyone else installed these?
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