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Was hita offroad trails, Farmington MO

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From their site

Welcome to the Was hita Offroad Trails Web Site. The park is open to Dirt Bikes, ATV's, and 4x4's. We have miles of trails rated mild to difficult.

$10.00 Per Biker or ATV
$20.00 Per 4X4
Open 8:30 - 5:30, 7 Days a Week (from what we found out it never really closes)
Real Bathrooms
Free Camping

Wa****a MX
410 Thomas Road
Farmington MO 63640

Approximately 3.5 miles south of Farmington on Hwy 67 to Hwy H
Right on Hwy H 3/4 mile to Hwy AA
Right on Hwy AA 6 miles to Thomas Road
Left on Thomas Road to the bottom of hill
Look for Signs...

Trail Map

The map is OK but not at all accurate.. the trails are marked but pretty poorly. The owner and crew are working on marking all the trails and are contantly building and widening more trails.

The trails we took were tight and rocky but we all managed to get buy them with minimal damage.. I have a scraped up clamshell door and dent in it along with a bent lower rear shock mount washer. Patrick has a busted Tail light and Paul has a bent skidplate.. other than that i dont think there is any more damage.

Im a tree hugger... first battle wound.

Patrick and paul please post up your photos, thoughs and damage that i might have missed... also post same things in the trails forum.
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ok, here are some more pics

And you'll notice the lack of tail light...

and I fixed her booboo with duct tape, cause you know if you can't duct it... (and yes that is a band aid)
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I like the band-aid!

Here are some more photos.

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one of these Ill make it down there, but i will be taking my jeep though
I have got to make it down there. Me and some friends do a lot of camping in Ironton, we always make the stop in Farmington to swing by wal-mart. I just don't know if I'm willing to trust the FJ's paint to my driving abilities since I've never been off roading before.
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