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**********GROUP BUY CLOSED**********

Thank you to everyone who participated. To all those who missed out, the FJ Cruiser washer bottle / reservoir can now be purchased here.

Since so many of you have expressed interest in lzalusky's build thread, we have decided to team up with him to help try and get this option out there and available to others. We will be using this thread to see if we can drum up enough interest and get enough committed orders to make it happen. Following is a write up and general description of the kit put together by lzalusky. Feel free to post up any questions or PM either of us.

Hey everyone, due to lots of positive comments in my build thread I have teamed up with Shrockworks to put together a group buy for the washer fluid reservoir I developed for my 2013 FJ. I developed this kit due to lack of options for 2013+ FJ’s with their secondary air injection pump located in the existing alternate washer location. This kit should actually work with all 2010+ FJ’s and locates the washer fluid reservoir on the passenger side fender. If you have a 2010 – 2012 this would allow you to mount a second battery in the alternate location on the passenger side front tray (with a little repositioning of the power steering reservoir).

This kit replaces the stock washer fluid tank / washer bottle on 2010+ FJ’s to address the shortcomings of the stock tank with aftermarket bumpers. This kit is fully bolt on and requires no modification to the vehicle. Constructed from CNC bent and TIG welded aluminum with an anodized billet cap and steel mounting brackets. The tank and brackets are powder coated black, and a sight tube is provided for an easy visual confirmation of fluid level.

The washer reservoir / washer bottle is mounted to an existing bracket on the passenger side wheel well just aft of the air filter assembly, with an additional upper mount that picks up an existing weld nut in the fender. The upper and lower brackets are 12GA steel and are CNC bent for a precise fit. The kit also includes a
harness extension cable that DOES NOT require any cutting of the stock harness. The stock pumps and lines are re-used with this kit and all hardware is included for a clean install. The tank holds just under 1 Gallon.

Due to the volume requirements of the machine shop that does the CNC bending and welding, we need to get a minimum of 25 people on board to make this happen. If we can get 25+ orders the cost of the complete kit including powder coat will be $243 plus an additional $18 to cover shipping, so $261 total.

Thanks guys!

**********GROUP BUY CLOSED**********

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Initial gauging of interest is over. EDIT: See the bottom of Post #1 above or post #81 for details on what information to PM lzalusky for purchase.

This post is constantly being updated to help lzalusky track orders.

Expressed interest and Sent in the requisite PM information.
1. I am in!
....PM information sent.....
Received my invoice moments ago and PAID. :clap:
Thank Leigh! :cheers:
count me in. Ready to spend my money.
PM sent.....
i am so in!!.....
count me in......
PM sent :rocker:
Payment sent. Thanks again!!:grinbiginvert:
count me in......
Payment sent!!!!!
i am in for sure......
I sent a PM a few days back I am in for sure!
Payment sent...Thanks again very excited for this!
i'm in,....
Money sent, but looks like you may have to pry it out of your wife's hands now. Thanks again!! :)
yes, please have my money!
Pm sent, thanx!
Just payed up suka!
Add me to the list.....
Payment sent via PayPal
Ok, thanks ... I'm in.....
I'm in! Thanks for putting this together.:blueblob:
PM sent!.....
Invoiced and PAID! Thanks again. :bigthumb:
I'm in. Just need to know where to send money.
PM Sent:blueblob:
PayPal payment sent
Please add me to the list.
Paid. Thanks for doing this.....
Can you add me to the list please,.....
Pm sent....thanks for your hard work...
Payment sent :) ...thanks
......I will go ahead and say I am in for the group buy.....
PM *sent *with details
You should have my payment :cheers:
Put me down for one.
Correction, it just popped into my inbox. Will send $$ shortly.
Better late than never I guess, I'm in on this.
In for sure, PM sent.
Paid and thank you for the time and effort.:bigthumb:
In like flynn for #18
......Pm inbound.
Payment sent
G'day, Count me in...#19.....
G'day. pm sent last week. cheers Baz
G'day' Paid. Thanks Cheers Baz :cheers::blueblob::blueblob:
i'm interested.
I sent a PM several days ago.
Ditto. :bigthumb:
Grillfish is in.
I was in the top 25 and just PM'ed the OP with my PayPal payment info. Thanks!
please add me to the list--C73-760 BLACK cap if possible--let me know how and when to pay
Pm sent--
Payment sent via paypal
i'm in 100% ......
Can't remember if I listed my commitment yet, but I sent my PM, too. Hoping to get PayPal invoice soon.
Paid - can't wait!!!
I am in - C73-763 SILVER cap please *- ready to pay...
PM sent for purchase
Count me in. Wish I would have made/thought of this. I will put a huge sticker on my rig if you send it to me for free! hint hint........advertisement is everything!
Count me in as #25......from my phone and have crappy service.......consider this as my PM and I will shoot over payment tomorrow morning.....
PayPal received, payment sent. Thanks again!
I just happen to stumble upon this Group Buy and have decided to join in.
I have sent in my PM as well.
Paid Up as well. Git er done! :bigthumb:
lzalusky said:
....the following members have PM'd me and did not mention it in the thread so far as I can tell:

Ryan1492 28.
I have another forum member, Ryan1492, that contacted me via PM saying he wanted on the list.....
nwoutdoors 29.
I'm definitely in. *Thanks
Payment sent.
Bmmolloy 30.
I'm in. Thanks!
Fjforreal 31.
Please add me to the list. :blueblob:
PayPal payment sent. :blueblob:
Stevevh 32.
Count me in!!! Just tell me when to send the money!!:clap:
PM and Paypal sent! Thanks again for doing this!!

Absolutely in, no idea what number I am but I'm in!
PM sent.. I missed the "pay up" email somewhere along the line. :)
Payment Sent!!
I'm in. I pm'd lzalusky
Just sent PM to lzalusky with information and waiting for Paypal billing. I'm in :bigthumb: !
Received PayPal invoice and payment sent :king: .
paid the invoice a few days ago
I'm in.....
Payment sent
I'm in !!! IM sent Please take my money!!!!
Count me in! PM has been sent.
Just paid the Invoice, whooohooo! I haven't been this excited about a new mod in a long time. ......

PM's sent. I'm in.
PM'd info
....that was quick. paid:cheers:

Expressed interest.

im interested!
i like it, i'm in
Count me in -- Thanks for putting this together!
I am definitely interested! Please keep us updated on the order cut off time.
Count me in please. Let me know about payment too. Thanks!

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I am so IN!!

Kit comes with All lines and such to make it plug n play correct? I will not need to run and get extra hoses or clamps, correct?

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Count me in...I just installed a new Expedition One Kodiak bumper and am sick of that existing fluid reservoir hanging down on the passenger side...this is a very nice looking solution to the problem!

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I am in for sure... Looks great!

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I'm in 100% - really glad this got worked out!

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Will wait times for delivery be the typical Shrocks and be in the area of 4-6 months?
This run will not be manufactured by us and lzalusky will have to answer for the lead times here. The orders will be made to order though since we want to make sure we have the order qty we want before pushing forward.

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Yes, please have my money!

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Just trying to help move this along. I have updated post #2 to reflect everyone interested in the group buy. I will stop updating once we hit the required 25.

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I am interested in this but getting lift first soon so not sure I will get this at this time, maybe though. ;) If you reach your goal, possible then these would be available in the future?

Best looking alternative I've seen yet! Nice job! :D
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