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I have read several threads on water underneath mats but none have really satisfied the criteria there seems to be with mine. I will give a quick rundown:

-Water pools on both passenger and drivers side front underneath floor mats. There is none in the rears and none on top of the mats
-Water collects in the same quadrant of each respective side (this is probably due to indentation but could be due to leak location)
-The approximate amount at one time is somewhere between 4-6 oz, most collected in the pooling quadrant nearest to the door but some is scattered under the mat
-90% certain there is no other liquids involved. Transparent, no smell, and has the characteristics of pure water save for some dirty quality to it (may have a small amount of mud mixed in)
-I washed the wheel wells this weekend and after the wheel well cleaning, there didn't appear to be any water. Keep in mind I light pressure hosed under the wells and it resulted in no water.

The modifications on the vehicle (2011 TT) are 3 inch rough country lift, 33 in tires, head lamps, Smittybilt front and rear bumpers, winch.

Any ideas to what this could be? See pics for reference on location and appearance


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