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Q1: "What are the chances this sucks up water during wading, given how short the pipe is?"

If you don't turn off your engine while under water the positive pressure from the running engine will not allow water to enter to exhaust (note that deep water calls for a raised air intake but typically the exhaust is fine).

Q2: "what are the chances of exhaust fumes getting into the cab considering it dumps under the truck?"

The chances are pretty good that fumes can come into the cab, especially if there are any gaps in the body sealing, anywhere. Note the cabin vent is on the LH side, just behind the rear tire and fumes could come up it, if its flaps are not sealing. So long as you are moving forward and you don't open the back window, it might be ok, but if running the engine while sitting still the risk of CO entering the cab will be worse than stock.
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