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Water Wading Exhaust Pipe

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Hey guys.

So recently I leaned a lesson on trail about departure angle and it resulted in my stock exhaust pipe getting bent up pretty good. I was planning on replacing the stock exhaust system anyway, so I got to searching.

I found a set I liked from Flowmaster and it gets tucked up into the truck underneath, however I have 2 concerns.

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What are the chances this sucks up water during wading, given how short the pipe is, as well as what are the chances of exhaust fumes getting into the cab considering it dumps under the truck?

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I like that it gets tucked up under before the rear axle, so my departure angle in the back has more clearance, but I want to get an idea of everyone's thoughts before sending it.

Appreciate it everyone. đź‘Ś
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I would be concerned about CO entering cabin thru center counsel as there are open bolt holes in there, you also are going to raise your rear axel temp while on the interstate which will lead to more fluid changes and premature failure on bearings. For a dedicated crawler I like the design if it is being trailered. As deb stated a high tuck would be safer.
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