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ways to improve fjammer sound?

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I am generally happy with the fjammer (i dont have the subwoofer) however i would like to possibly boost sound/performance especially when using sirius or ipod through the aux. jack. (the sound isnt as loud as regular radio or disc) would adding an amplifier to the stock fjammer be a way to remedy this situation? Any input appreciated. thanks jk.
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Hey bud, this question has been asked time and time again. It all comes down to how much you enjoy your FJammer. Personally I was highly dissatisfied with it and went for an aftermarket head unit (Avic-D3), I did this because I had plans on replacing all of the stock speakers. FYI, stock speakers with the Avic sounds HORRIBLE. Well at least they did to me, I listen to a very different style of music; death metal, thrash.... you get the point. It really comes down to how loud you like to jam your music.

Check out extreme's thread almost asking your same question.

Another Speaker Question

I'd say, replace it all, but that's just me. Plus I like my music as clear as possible while still being loud enough to wake the dead.
Not much can be done to improve the sound quality of the FJammer beyond aftermarket speakers. I would say the most common mod would be replacing the door speakers with 6x9's. This requires either buying a new mounting plate or fabbing your own. As far as I can tell from reading here you have to be careful of speaker impedence and the wiring can be tricky.....As with most things FJ....If you hit the search function and start reading pertanent threads you will surely find more than enough info to set you on the proper mod trail....Good luck.

Be sure to let us all know if you do an install and what you think after. And with nearly everything in here....take pics...always generates lots of interest.
replace it thats the best way!
best thing i ever did for my stereo was replace the headunit, although i really liked the way the fjammer looked, went really nice with the dash
I really like the way the FJammer looks as well. Never been to much into redoing stereo systems in my vehicles, especially not in a 4x4. Replacing just the speakers is on my to do list.
I like the way the FJammer HU looks too. I did see a marine HU the other day and thought "Hmm....I bet that would go well in the FJ".
I like my stuff looking stock because I travel and stay in hotels a good bit. The stock HU works just fine if you get a 4 channel amp, all new speakers, and add a sub or replace the stock one. I got a Rockford Fosgate four channel amp and run the front 6x9 MBQuart speakers off one channel and run the polk sub in the factory box with the other channel, sounds great to me.
I like my FJammer. The only thing to do is replace your speakers. If when you plug your iPod in and it's not as loud. Turn up the volume on your iPod. That will help.
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