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So I just had the coolest thing happen on the F150 Forum. I am having an issue with my F150 and going around with the dealer trying to get it fixed. I posted a thread on the F150 forum explaining my problem trying to find out some more information.
What happened next was very cool. A Ford Customer Service rep responded to my thread offing to help out! I was floored!
I thought it was very cool that Ford puts a customer service rep on the forums to help their customers. It's also pretty smart to have someone on there to try and mitigate an issues before it becomes a PR issue.
The customer service rep offered to take down my information and see if there was anything they could do on their side. I'm currently waiting to hear back from the dealer as to give them a fair chance before going to the rep, but if I don't get the answer I want I know where I will be turning to.

How about it Toyota? What do you think about having a Toyota representative on various forums? I would love to apply for the job!! :nerd
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