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Hello all,
Please post any Middle East specific threads in this forum.

Suggested posts:
- Where / how to buy stuff
- Meetups
- Garages / Mechanics
- Dealers
- Etc...

I guess that most members will be in the following countries:
- UAE (Me!!!)
- Kuwait
- Qatar
- Oman
- Bahrain
- Iraq
- Lebanon

Of course, all are welcome - and people in the Central Asian 'Stans might also get some valuable information in this forum due to proximity etc - The more the merrier!

Please use English only in the forum so that more people can add value. I realize that for many people, English might not be their first language, but there is always google translate!

يرجى استخدام اللغة الإنجليزية فقط في المنتدى حتى أن المزيد من الناس يمكن أن تضيف قيمة. وأنا أدرك أن لكثير من الناس، قد لا تكون الإنجليزية لغتهم الأولى، ولكن هناك دائما جوجل ترجمة!

-- Andrew (@amaclach)
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