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Sweet!!! Welcome TLCA!!!!

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TJK, you are my hero! :clap:

My copy of Toyota Trails has not arrived in the mail yet, and I've been dying to see the article. Thanks so much for posting the link up. :)

Terry(TennesseeSquire) said it's great being the spouse of a celebrity. :lol:
My pleasure. Thanks for taking the time with Keith and feel free to contribute anytime.


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are we considered worthy of such membership?

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are we considered worthy of such membership?
Most definitely!! We're open to all Toyota 4 Wheel Drive vehicles (with a transfer case). Besides Toyota Trails, which is an awesome magazine, as a TLCA member you are eligible to attend TLCA events throughout the country. :rocker:

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Mark's in the process of updating that link. Those are the 2008 events. Here's what we know so far about the 2009 event schedule and yes, you are welcome as a TLCA member to attend any of these events and as a non-TLCA member to attend the Open and non-sanctioned events.


Coming up in 2009
Lone Star Toyota Jamboree
January 15-18, 2009, Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area, Gilmer, Texas
TLCA Open Event hosted by Toyota Trail Riders
Contact: Chris King, [email protected]

Lone Star Cruiser Roundup
March 18-22, 2009, Katemcy, Texas
TLCA Open Event hosted by Lone Star Land Cruisers
Contact: Butch Baker at [email protected]

Mud N Yer Eye Frolic
April 24-26, 2009, Hollister Hills, California
TLCA Open Event hosted by Mountain Transit Authority
Contact: Phil Johnson, (408) 734-9629, or [email protected]

Cruise Moab
April 29-May 3, 2009, Moab, Utah
TLCA Sanctioned Event hosted by Rising Sun Four Wheel Drive Club
Contact: Tim Nakari, (303) 250-7573, or Matt Farr, (303) 770-1069

Great Smoky Mountain Trail Ride
June 15-21, 2009, Tellico Plains, Tennessee
TLCA Sanctioned Event hosted by Upstate Cruisers
Contact: Marshall Shepherd, [email protected] or
(864) 414-0563

Razorback Ramble
June 2009, Superlift ORV Park, Hot Springs, Arkansas
TLCA Sanctioned Event hosted by the Razorback Land Cruisers
Contact: Tim White (479) 331-0222 or Gary Clough (501) 912-4524

21st Annual Rubithon
June 17-21, 2009, Rubicon Trail, California
TLCA Hosted Event
Contact: Tony Twiddy, (707) 431-0604, or [email protected], or [email protected]

PMC Swap Meet
July 11, 2009, Petaluma, California
Hosted by Pacific Mountain Cruisers
Contact: Chris Ward, (707) 579-0888

Coal Mine Cruiser Classic
July 2009, Rausch Creek Off-Road Park, Joliet, PA
TLCA Sanctioned Event hosted by the Gotham City Land Cruisers
Contact: David Crum, (973) 600-9178 or [email protected]

Black Hills Cruiser Classic
July 2009, Black Hills, South Dakota
TLCA Sanctioned Event hosted by Dakota Territory Cruisers
Contact: Greg Mumm, (605) 718-9125

McGrew Trail Ride
July 25, 2009, O’Brien, Oregon
TLCA Sanctioned Event hosted by Pacific Mountain Cruisers
Contact: Jeff Bomke, (707) 457-3692

Rising Sun Rally
August 2009, Jefferson County Stadiums, Lakewood, Colorado
Contact: Ige Gustavson, (303) 416-0362

Tall Corn Cruiser Classic
September 4-6, 2009, 15 miles south of Knoxville, Iowa (off Highway 5)
TLCA Sanctioned Event hosted by Tall Corn Cruisers
Contact: Art Schramm (515) 988-9261, [email protected]

Cruisin’ The Woods 2009
September 29, 2009, Brown’s Camp, Oregon
TLCA Open Event hosted by Cascade Cruisers
Contact: Gary Kipp, [email protected]

Toyota Taconite Trailride
September 2009, Gilbert OHV Park, Gilbert, Minnesota
A TLCA Sanctioned Event hosted by MNTOYX4’S
Contact: Carl Kerssen: [email protected] or (612) 670-2893

Get Flat Nasty with Tornado Alley Cruisers
October 2009, Flat Nasty ORP, Salem, Missouri
TLCA Sanctioned Event hosted by Tornado Alley Cruisers
Contact: Rob Ridgway, [email protected]

Southern Cruiser Crawl
October 16-18, 2009, Gray Rock ORV Park, Gardendale, Alabama
TLCA Sanctioned Event hosted by the CottonLand Cruisers
Contact: Jeff Murrah, (601) 954-9558 or [email protected]

Non-Sanctioned Events

Calico Clean Up 2009
February 2009, Yermo, California
Contact: Mark Watkins, (213) 494-6392

7th Annual Bakersfield Land Cruiser Rally
April 18, 2009, Kern River Parkway, Bakersfield, California
Contact: Andrew Roth, (661) 665-9603

5th Annual Cruiser Days
July 2009, Deas Island Regional Park, Delta, B.C., Canada
Hosted by Coastal Cruisers
Contact: Bill Wilkinson, [email protected]

FJ45 Run
August 2009, Deer Valley, California
Contact: Georg Esterer, [email protected]

6th Annual Fall Crawl
October 2009, Rausch Creek Off Road Park, Joliet, Pennsylvania
Hosted by Bay To Blue Ridge Cruisers
Contact: John Embrey, (540) 850-6248 or [email protected]

8th Annual Surf N Turf
November 2009, Pismo Beach, California
Contact: Jim Brantley, (805) 474-9265

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Welcome TLCA! :wave:

I'm glad your over here, ok everyone, you need to join TLCA. What a great organization to help promote off-roading all around the country with great organized events close to you. Get out and meet and make new friends in your area. :)

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