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A few months ago I had the opportunity to travel to Morocco with my Cruiser. I fully recommend this experience for anybody that loves been on the road. It’s a little expensive but completely worthwhile. I’m excited to share my experiences and share with this wonderful community.

Travelling through the Western Sahara with my FJ cruiser has been one of the mostmemorable experiences I have had so far. Last year I got a refund after rejecting the Landcruiser under the Sale of Goods Act, then I started searching for another to buy. I was quite surprised when my old cruiser which I had rejected appeared at a garage in Florida, and was cheaper than my refund. Well, I bought it back.

After the bad experience I had with ferries last year, I decided not to use them again, so I took the Plymouth/Santander route thus saving 4 hours which I would have spent on ferry. Then I travelled from Santander to Jerez De Le Frontiera. I got to Algeciras too early that I had to grab a coffee and wait for the sale of tickets to commence in Carlos. I wasn’t pleased with the fact that I wasted a lot of time at the customs we wasted at customs. I had to wait for other vehicles lined up ahead of me to get through before I finally did.

Between Spanish exit and Moroccan, I rammed into the Renault 19 from behind! The vehicle right before me suddenly reversed back, to avoid I shunt, I followed suit and hit the Renault 19. Well, I guess I did the old Renault 19 a favor, considering the state that it was to begin with. Perhaps I straightened out a few dings on the car. I would have gotten into trouble- I had no insurance cover! The driver hauled a few curse words, thank God there was no damage. I didn’t let that mishap to take away from my travel and I continued with my journey.

The clock on the truck lost sync and I never realized till I was passing through Meknes on my way to Azrou. Some hours later, I arrived at Camping Amizigh at Azrou. The following day, I moved to Midelt, taking the road Touristique to Lac d'Afennourir. It was indeed enjoyable, as I spotted a few wild monkeys for the first time. I had some navigation errors after I had crossed Oued Oum Er Rbia, I had to pick my own routes and mistakenly passed through someone’s freshly ploughed field. In a few minutes, I finally hit the road to Midelt. I camped at centre Timolay, which is just outside Midelt. They had a good restaurant, bar and rooms with modern facilities.

Morocco is a beautiful place to travel. I fully recommend it to anybody looking for that exotic experience
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