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What did you buy today (FJ related items)?

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Denso Iridium Tough VKH22 plugs.

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Well technically these were purchased a year ago…. Thanks to @Omo FJ who added them to his shipment for me, but I just got them here and paid him so I’ll count that;) Was going to fit them but decided to get them anodised first so they look nice for a bit longer View attachment 1161838
Got the same for over 3 years... Still look as good as the day they were installed
Yes but you don’t have salt all over your roads!
Ordered some goodies
Ricochet tank and transfer skids (YES, with the cross member)
And the MBRP cat back exhaust

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I had to use an angle grinder to get my crossmember to fit. Harbor Freight sells them for cheap if you don't already own one (y)
View attachment 1164635
Thanks for the tip (y)
However, here in Mexico we don't have Harbor Freight... But I'll sure to get something to solve it if and when needed
  • Mobil1 5w30 synthetic oil (extended performance)
  • Wix Xp oil filter
  • Wix air filter
  • E brake boots and hardware kit
  • box of greasing zerks, was missing a few for some reason

Time for a change and some cleaning
First time with Wix, till now used the K&N but after doing some reading I wanted to give them a try.

Also ordered Skyjacker links, don't know why I didn't do it so far and kept using stock length
But when I raised the FJ saw them forcing in angles I didn't really like, so decided time to make them longer 😉
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Just ordered a set of these Ark splash guards for my rig too. Use the discount code YOTASURF for -5% (y) (y)
Those are great
Super pleased with mine
Great quality and the full cover is even better
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New silicone key cover and Keychain

Guitar accessory Sports equipment Font Musical instrument accessory Electric blue
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I cried a little
Not nice
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No, I can relate. Especially any time someone from Dubai posts about their new and beautiful acquisition and we all drool over it in abject jealousy. I vote we force "land.crusher" to rename his avatar to "dream.crusher". :ROFLMAO:

By the way, what has to be done TO the vehicle to bring it up to U.S. standards other than the exorbitant costs? Just curious if anyone knows, or even tried.
I think we should force him to buy us all new FJ's... Better, right??? 🤔😎
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Well you could fly to Costa Rica, buy a new 2022 for $64,200 and drive it home ...

View attachment 1195554
You'll get it cheaper in Colombia, I got a formal quote for a 2022 model, delivery in July... 61k USD

At the end decided to drop it just cause there no real change... And maybe I just wait for the 2023 4Runner
In any case I'm super invested, happy and pleased with mine, so in a way what for

(well, cause it's a new FJ, that's what for... 🧐)
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Couple of these things.

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Is that the ultimate...???
I'd stay away from the '23s and up. It will have that same anemic 3.5 they put in the Tacoma. Also, 2018 was the last year for a keyed ignition. I don't do push start vehicles. I see too many problems with them when the function quits working or the battery goes dead. I'll bet the FJs up to '20 or '21 still have keyed ignitions. And ALL manual transmissions should still have them.
Thanks for the info...
Didn't look into it yet, just had the thought... But good tips as always 😉
Got my coverking seat covers today... Let's see how will be the installation process, if anyone has tips will be great (just hope I won't go crazy and tear them)

And got 6 OEM toyota/denso spark plugs
Also got gapping tool to make sure all is good before installing them
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I keep both...
CB mounted in the FJ
And handheld GMRS dual band between the seats
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Installed my ARK full splash guards. Unfortunately, nearly all the holes did not line up. The passenger side was worse for some reason. I had to perform some existing hole elongating in the rubber guards to install all the retainer clips. ARK did warn in their install instruction that due to variances between FJ's that there might be a ~1/4 inch variance with the holes. I noticed that the holes either lined up perfectly with the frame holes OR the wheel well holes, but not BOTH together, so I had to do a little adjusting with a sharp hobby knife. Obviously the body can be shifted slightly on the frame between FJ's. These things are THICK, over an eighth of an inch! ARK even sent extra retainer clips with the whole deal. Nice.

Mine fitted great, only needed to add each guard one hole per side
But they are great
So not today today.. But during last 2 weeks, collecting to have all here and start the works

  • 3 gates pullies (noisy since the water incident)
  • Gates belt (its time)
  • 4 Denso o2 and A/F sensors (yes, replaced the fake ones, thanks @FJtest for the guidance)
  • Energy Suspension rear shocks bushings (my Icons got bit dry already)
  • Hella sharp dual horns (saw it and "why not")
  • Hella extreme yellow H3 bulbs for my Warn fog lights
  • Bubba Rope soft shackle (to have another)
  • Bubba Rope grabber (for the winch rope, let's see)
  • Relay box (to make some order under the hood)
  • NOCO battery terminal isolators
  • New key housing (both mine broke)
  • GM diode
  • Box of fuses
  • Add a Fuse (for the GM diode, Alternator fuse mod)

Font Material property Bag Tool Auto part

So all that and my "iconic recovery points" (that arrived a while back) are going to be installed/replaced these days.
Also gonna rotate tires and alignment...
Gotta a 4 day trip coming in 3 weeks, long drive... Want to have all ready and in top shape by then.

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@FJraja I have that same relay box, and put one in for OMOFJ too. Fantastic quality and design
I saw it posted here few months ago (probably yours)
Loved the idea so decided to go for one myself

So thanks for the tip 😃
Got my Bandi body mount 1/2" spacers, thanks @bandi

Street light Lamp Cylinder Gas Sky
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Got my ATF and transmission Filter, getting ready for flush and change tomorrow

Automotive lighting Automotive tire Motor vehicle Tool Bumper
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I was under the impression the transmission had a strainer more than a filter. But admittedly, I’ve never dropped a pan after all these years on FJ ownership. Do you have a picture of the other side?

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Sorry already installed...
From what I understand the filter is pressed between the 2 metal plates with the holes, fluid run through
I could be wrong 😬
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