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What did you do TO your FJ Cruiser TODAY?

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This may sound weird but we are always doing something like 4x4, washing , a good coat of wax picture, a new sticker, wheels, lift, super charger or just an oil change the point is what you did today to or with the FJ cruiser.
This is my favorite thread on the jeep forum and probably the most popular in their entire forum with over two million posts, So why not here? I'll start it off and its up to all of us to keep it going. :cheers:

1. Today I added a headliner supercharger sticker to my windshield after giving her a bath.

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I installed a Daystar leveling kit (front and rear) on my FJ in record heat in the garage with no air. It was only119 in Phoenix. I'm not sure why I couldn't get anyone to help me?

My wife came out at one point and said why is the fan blowing hot air. Gee I wonder.

Looks great.

Thanks for the very detailed message about one of our local stores. The guys in the store work hard every day trying to earn your business. It sounds like they went above and beyond trying to get your spare off.

Glad to hear you were able to get the cross threaded lug nut figures out.

I will pass this along to our Customer Care Supervisor so we can recognize Shawn.

We appreciate your support.

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Thank you! Yes they are! Bought the set up from Americas Tire here locally. Chico, CA!
Very nice, thanks for your support.
After getting new wheels I had to take it back to Discount Tire because one tire wasn't holding air. Turns out they used the wrong TPMS rebuild kit, problem fixed. Except...they scratched the hell out of the wheel. Got my replacement wheel installed so now I should be all set (with a spare scratched 6th wheel too..haha).

Much thanks to Vin at SCS, without him I probably would still be waiting for Discount to order the replacement. Discount contacted him and told him the situation but didn't order for some reason?? So, Vin contacted me and recommended just to order myself (at the reduced vendor price) and get reimbursed, which I did.
Sorry to hear about the scratched wheel. Glad they got you taken care of on the replacement.

Thanks for your support.
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I'm glad your local Discount Tire was able to assist you with your installation needs, @shrdnar - thank you for the shoutout!
Does your Discount Tire align there? The couple I've been to, don't have machines. Just open bays for tires. Strange. I'm glad they referred you elsewhere. At least they didn't try and mess up.
Alignments are better suited for those that possess the skill and knowledge. Reading a screen of numbers doesn't translate well to the real driving.
Thank you for your question. Discount Tire/America's Tire does offer alignments. We just do what we do best and that sell tires and wheels.

Hope this helps.
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Is there a missing NOT in there somewhere? :wink

My guys are they are right down the street. Got my AT3's and STT Pros there. Good guys, next tires for the FJ or wife's Sorento will come from there. :smile

Discount Tire Store (ORP 04)
CLACKAMAS , OR 97015-9736

Meineke did have a machine but told me they couldn't do my alignment ?? Again I didn't ask why. I need to start asking questions!

When I asked Discount Tires about an alignment and they gave me the name of a shop, I didn't ask why. And I didn't look to see if there was an alignment machine on the floor. This is all cleared up now.

Kalberer Frame & Line-Up
Wheel Alignment Service
9975 SE Woodstock Ct
(503) 777-0324

That's all they do (and do it well)

View attachment 1053202

Good catch Lee, you are correct It should read Discount Tire does NOT do alignments. Sorry for the error.
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Prep for VT Overland Rally this weekend has begun! New set of 35” STT Pros (huge thanks to Discount Tire!); Mounted awning, repaired backup sensors, repainted sliders, bumper wings and all the @Iconic_Fab parts (see red items :grin)
Thank you for the shoutout, debFJVT! We appreciate your support!
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@jamesepoop thank you for the shout out! We appreciate your support.

@TXmerlot thank you for your business! The white letters pop and match the roof line color. Good choice.
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@TXmerlot Wow! That's fantastic! I'm elated that they took great care of you, I will pass this information on to the team at the store. Thank you!
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@Datajockeys nice! Method 701's wrapped with Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Love all the custom upgrades. Very capable looking rig.
@JL14TTUE we go camping, I want to be with your rig. Very capable and prepared for anything. Looks fantastic.
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@Radobudadado fantastic looking rig! Hope you didn't have to use the shovel on the snow. The truck looks very capable and rugged. Nice wheel and tire package.
@Mesa50 beautiful looking rig. With the 3inch lift, are you planning a bigger tire? Love the color!
@Mesa50 try a 285/70R-17 it's a solid choice for tire size. It comes in at 32.71 in most sizes. I hope this helps.
@IYAAYAS that's a nice space to work in. The rear bumper looks fantastic. I would say well worth the wait.
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