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What did you do TO your FJ Cruiser TODAY?

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This may sound weird but we are always doing something like 4x4, washing , a good coat of wax picture, a new sticker, wheels, lift, super charger or just an oil change the point is what you did today to or with the FJ cruiser.
This is my favorite thread on the jeep forum and probably the most popular in their entire forum with over two million posts, So why not here? I'll start it off and its up to all of us to keep it going. :cheers:

1. Today I added a headliner supercharger sticker to my windshield after giving her a bath.

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I decided to streamline the air intake system. Removed the stupid fan in the airbox, opened up the intake tube to full size and removed the air redirector that was in the fender (it was not sealing to the airbox inlet and flopping arround). This is about as streamlined as it is going to get without going aftermarket or TRD. :cheers:
Re: What did you do WITH your FJ Today ?

Crossed the Rubicon

Bravo! :clap:
I'm picking my rig up from the body shop, then off to Car Toys for FatMat on the roof and pillars! Starting CB in overhead install this weekend too.
Did I miss something? What happened?

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Yes yes you did. Had some idiot walk across the roof. :flame: Getting in some upgrades during the repair. :clap:
arb awning

At first I thought this was the ARB Bazooka mod! Need more coffee. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Re: What did you do WITH your FJ Today ?

Sushi! Now I'm hungry and it is not even 08:00!
I took my new baby into the shop for repairs...:soapbox:

I bought it in california, drove it 600 mi to Idaho without any problems...

Next day We're in boise for the day and a girl rear ends me... are... you... ****ting me...:flame:

so It's in the shop for rear bumper, backup sensor, and exhaust repairs.

Atleast it drove home! You should have seen her car...:grim:

Mod time!
Re: What did you do WITH your FJ Today ?

Ran down to the Credit Union and Post Office. We had a short rain storm that really dumped some water. Drains couldn't handle it and there was water going over sidewalks and big puddles in the street. Drain pipes off of some of the hill sides were shooting water out onto the road. Street lights went out. Power was out in parts of town. After the rain quit and the drains caught up there was places full of mud and debris in the road. Never even thought about taking photos..........
Do I see an FJ play-date? :bigthumb:
Got my CB Version Nesta-Mount installed! Nesta's antenna is 2'. I put on the 4' Datajockeys Viagra edition just to annoy him!

Also installed NestaEdition AM/FM antenna!

Photo library of CB install and Antenna Mount: CB Install pictures by datajockeys - Photobucket
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Nice install! How nerve racking was it drilling the fender?
Scared me to death. Almost drilled in the wrong place. Double check everything. Lots of blue masking tape to keep the finish in tact, while working on it. It turned out great!
Put one on the other fender for some 3D action!
Re: What did you do WITH your FJ Today ?

Took a trip to Crater Lake.
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Re: What did you do WITH your FJ Today ?

Which mounts are you using for the shovel and high lift?
Baja prototypes. I'm getting the 2nd set with the mods I suggested tomorrow! :clap:
Damn you. This thread is starting to cost me too much. I just ordered 2.
Do you have any pics of this installed? The web site says it is for large trucks. Not sure how it will look on the FJ. Also wondering about missile hazard (things falling off it on to my pointy head).
Re: What did your fj cruiser do today!

That's the rule in our house. If the FJ is going to bail out the Mrs. video will be taken by said Mrs. She has a V6 Rav4 so it will need to be pretty nasty before she goes from heated seats and leather interior to Mr. boinkety-boink (aka What Curb?).
Re: What did you do WITH your FJ Today ?

Worked on the suspension a bit. If time allows today I'll be playing with some CVs.

I have to ask: What is the hose going up into your fender?
Got my oil changed at the Atkinson Toyota in Bryan, TX. Best customer service ever, and a flat screen above the urinal in the men's bathroom!
"Objects in Mirror are Closer than they Appear".
Just got back from a 1k mile road trip. Ice, snow, ~15 degree weather and long 80mph runs. Never missed a beat! Land vehicle Vehicle Car Toyota fj cruiser Automotive tire

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What did you do to your FJ Cruiser TODAY?

Put safety tape on sliders and back bumper. Technology Electronic device Car Floor Vehicle
Tire Bicycle fork Bicycle part Automotive exterior Bumper

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Buddy of mine has Duras on his Liberty. NOISY!
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