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I'm in the midst of searching for either Lexus GX470/460 or 4Runner seats to swap into my 2010 FJ. There is a lot of information about those seats—and other aftermarket options—scattered about the forums, often with lots of unanswered questions.

What do folks think about starting a thread to summarize all that information? Kind of like those comprehensive threads with information on front bumpers. This would include:

  • • Toyota OEM seats from other vehicles compatible with FJ Cruisers
    • Insights and installation process photos
    • Wiring, electrical, air bags: What needs to be done to make everything happy and safe?
    • Various aftermarket, third-party seats
    • Resources for finding OEM salvage seats
    • Aftermarket Add-ons: heating, cooling, power-seat mounts

OEM Seats - Bolt-in Solutions

  • • Lexus GX460
    • Lexus GX470?
    • Toyota 4Runner seats, Generation 5, 2009–2017
    • Do older 4Runner seats work?
    • Toyota Prado (outside of North America)

I'll be adding to this thread and post as I find relevant posts and write-ups in the forum. Please feel free to add your own findings, installations, etc.
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