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What is connected to this OBD2 connector? Can anyone help me to understand my FJ 2016?

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Aftermarket interface leading somewhere...
Upgraded stereo? Some have OBD2 connectors.
What make/model of 'stereo' connects to the OBD interface, and why?
Thank you guys for suggestions. I asked the dealer. they said, it is a smart device which will accelerate the vehicle if rear collision is anticipated to avoid or to overcome the collision impact but its only work while driving on cruise control.
I think that's likely BS.

I am quite certain that there is no capability to command throttle position (and over-ride driver control) through the OBD interface.

Ask your dealer for specific information on the manufacturer and model of this aftermarket 'safety' device, and for a copy of the User's Manual.

There are rear-collision avoidance systems available, but they are enabled when a driver is backing up, and they detect vehicles that are in motion and may pass behind the vehicle that is backing up.
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Adaptive Cruise Control does exist, and it's a neat feature on many of the newer cars...

...but typically they're preinstalled from the factory, not set up in an aftermarket fashion.

Haven't seen any with rear - facing sensors, either...
What the OP claims the dealer described is not Adaptive Cruise Control.

But by far the biggest issue is having ANY kind of aftermarket gizmo that could tap into and override driver and engine ECM throttle control.

Toyota's current throttle control technology is very sophisticated, and incorporates multiple layers of redundancy and multiple fail-safe features. There is no way that Toyota's hardware or control software would allow some Amazon dongle, plugged into the OBD port, to take over throttle control. If any type of spurious control input or component failure is detected, you're instantly in limp-mode.

So either 'the dealer' (possibly just a sales guy) is ignorant or confused, or just came up with a quick BS response to make the OP go away.

A user manual for the dongle would reveal all, but it's likely related to the aftermarket multimedia system, as SpeedRye suggested.
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