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What is connected to this OBD2 connector? Can anyone help me to understand my FJ 2016?

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What's at the end of the cable?
I am not technical person. I tried to trace the cable but it is going somewhere inside.
Maestro Rr and Rr2 stereo interface does, and I'd guess to provide whatever iDatalink-compatible headunit with additional info for gauges, etc. I'm not running one, so don't know more than that, but I'm waiting on the Rr2 to come back in stock so that I can use its three programmable outputs with my steering wheel controls and front lighting.
My FJ has this kind of multimedia but it doesn’t show any data related to car engine.
Gear shift Radio Car Satellite radio Steering part
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You’re gonna have to try harder than that if you want an answer…nobody can know what that is unless you see where it goes, it’s something aftermarket so it really has nothing to do with being an FJ. It could be absolutely anything. Maybe try a car stereo shop if you can’t figure it out yourself.
Thank you for the suggestion but that could be my last option. Actually I am the first owner and I didn’t install any thing from after market. This FJ is VXR with rear sonar and blind spot detection may be it is used by them.
Thank you guys for suggestions. I asked the dealer. they said, it is a smart device which will accelerate the vehicle if rear collision is anticipated to avoid or to overcome the collision impact but its only work while driving on cruise control.
Well I guess your other option is to disconnect it and see if your rear sonar etc still works. If you are the first owner the dealership you purchased from should be able to tell you.
Thanks for suggestion. Dealer said, it is a smart device which can accelerate the vehicle if rear collision is anticipated. but works only while driving on cruise control.
What ZerosFJ said. Unplug it and see if you can figure out what no longer works. It won't disable your FJ doing that. If all the the stereo functions still work, I'd leave it unplugged until you can trace the cable.
I disconnected the connector and I observed everything is working fine except blind spot detection.
While pressing the BSD enable switch it is giving been and flashes light which means BSD is activated but during driving the BSD systems is not detection any cars in my blind spots.

I checked the owners manual it says that BSD will detect cars if my car speed is above 15km.

So, I think BSD is getting active but not able to read car speed since it's connector is disconnected from OBD2.
Am I right?
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