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I'm going to put some HID's all around, so I can no longer use the button to "flash" all my lights. I need some realistic ideas for a momentary switch.
So since I saw this thread last I bought a couple of flight control sticks that were take-offs from from A-10 warthogs (they must have been modding them :)). Now I jut have to figure out how to wire it, then how to attach it to my gear shifter, and what to run with the switches. It has a china hat so if I can get a home made LLS set up it will control it from my thumb.

Would LED's work with a momentary? I would love to light people up with a trigger pull when the need arose. I don't know a ton about lights, but I assume the HID's are attached to a ballast and therefore have a delay before they fully fire-up?

Could you wire a rear window release to one of the buttons?

How hard would it be to put a toggle switch inline so you could still use it with your HID's

You could wire it to some train horns, which would be cool.

I can think of a couple of things that would require a toggle switch with it.
tantrum rock lights and other various lighting solutions for example.

I've gotta figure out what to do with 4 buttons (incl. the trigger)
The sticks I got look like used versions of this earlier post:

The bottom looks like this (crappy photo):

Sorry, I don't mean to hump your thread. I actually support it so much I am following your stellar example.

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I've got a switch on the top as well, but it is a on/off side to side switch. I don't think it would work too well with a remote controlled light set up, even though it would be badass.

LED's should work with the momentary switch, but that's more extra money to spend. I have a friend that can hook me up with some HID's for cheap. The problem with HID's (what I've heard) is that they take a bit to power up all the way, about 10 seconds. And one typically should not "flick" them on as it would eventually damage the ballasts.

As for the window release, I got a Gobi ladder in the back so that's a no go. And I already got the alternate train horn button to the other momentary switch.

Also what do you mean by wiring a toggle switch inline, what application would that be used for?

BTW, that's a cool looking control stick. Man if I had 4 buttons + the trigger I would have no idea what to wire them too :lol: I would end up with a lot of novelty stuff.. but then again that's what i have now. The bottom looks so complex, you have a schematic of what goes with what? I ended up tearing mines apart and rewiring each individual switch.

Oh and no worries about thread humping, its all good :bigthumb:

So from the last time I got everything wired up, there was a problem with running the wires through the shifter box. The wires eventually wore through and every time I shifted into reverse, my train horns would sound... I know, not good when I was leaving to go to my morning class. I pulled the fuse and later on rewired it again to come out the side and into the hole that I originally drilled into. Not as sleek looking, but no chance of scaring the crap out of me when I am half awake and leaving for school.
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