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I filled in a few for you.

Hey guys! I am new to the thread. I am looking to get an FJ when we pay off our next car (4 months to go!:rocker:) I was wondering:

1.) Are there any "problem" areas to look for?
There are a few things reported on early models but aren't a given if the vehicle is well maintained.
-transmission shudder
-fender bulges
-smaller rear in early models

2.) What is a good price/miles to look for on an FJ?

Right now the FJ is high demand and is prices are at a premium. Your looking at an early 07-08 with over 100k on it typically for your price point.

3.)Anyone have any kids and use it to haul them around? How does it do with carseats?

I honestly couldn't imagine getting my kids in out of a car seat daily in an FJ. The rear door is small and tight getting in and out of the back.

Thanks for the answers in advance!

P.s.-I want to stay around 16-18k

Spend a little time searching around. You find a lot of threads covering your questions.

Good luck!
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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