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what were we thinking?? Roof rack

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Hi All--

So stoked to buy the New Trail Edition.

Got the roof rack to cary surfboards. Was told by the dealer that the bars were exchangeable. i.e bottom rail to top etc...

Well get the truck home grab the boards and guess what they are not interchangeable at all. Plus what's up with the plastic ends??

Why only one long rail and again why only one? What can you do with just one? (Dry a towel)
Called the dealership and there response was well we don't sell them separately.

Lovely 800$ for some thing that is utterly useless and cuts MPG's too..

Anyone know or have any luck securing another top rail. I don't want to go spend another few hundred to make something i have already purchased work :boohoo:

Please if you know something please help. Thanks in advance
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1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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