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what were we thinking?? Roof rack

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Hi All--

So stoked to buy the New Trail Edition.

Got the roof rack to cary surfboards. Was told by the dealer that the bars were exchangeable. i.e bottom rail to top etc...

Well get the truck home grab the boards and guess what they are not interchangeable at all. Plus what's up with the plastic ends??

Why only one long rail and again why only one? What can you do with just one? (Dry a towel)
Called the dealership and there response was well we don't sell them separately.

Lovely 800$ for some thing that is utterly useless and cuts MPG's too..

Anyone know or have any luck securing another top rail. I don't want to go spend another few hundred to make something i have already purchased work :boohoo:

Please if you know something please help. Thanks in advance
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Mine don't even come close to fitting when I try to slide it forward. Yes, one side does have a sliding section and I can move it in/out. But there's just not enoug play to get things wide enough.
I can only slide it as far fwd as where the doors meet. Was hoping to get it fwd to haul the 12' kayak.
Mine works...I'll try to find a pic with my kayak on the OEM roof rack for ya!

Hmm. I even tried to loosen the front mounting points of the rack to see if I could move the front side inward. But they wouldn't move nearly enough. At the front of the rack, it's prob. 3" too wide for the front rail...even with it spread out as far as it'll go.
Only one side moves for expansion. Right?
Okay I just went out to give it a deeper look.
The cross-member on the top was shorter than the ones on the bottom. So I took one from the bottom and put it up top, expanded all the way out and with it all the way forward it comes very close to fitting. Not quite, but close enough to tighten things down. But now I cannot get the original top cross-member to fit on the bottom. So I'll get out a tap and dye set. There's plenty of room to add an additional screw hole on the underside of the the cross-member(s) which will allow me to connect the clamps and give me enough play-room.
Things should have been this way to begin with but I guess since it's a dealer (or port) add-on they just slap them up there without much thought or consideration.

Question. Does the top cross-member scootched (nice word) all the way forward cause a lot of wind-noise? Or am I going to have to move it back and out of the way each time I'm done with it?
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