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What would you rather have?

  • 550hp Car plus Supercharged FJ

    Votes: 18 78.3%
  • 650hp Car with a Stock FJ

    Votes: 5 21.7%

what would you rather have?

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what would you rather have, if you had 2 cars (one being the FJ)
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Choice 2. I don't need a powerful FJ. It's fine. Lower gears would be good, but I don't need more power.
I am happy with the 239 HP 4.0 coming from a '91 4Runner with the 3.slow engine.

Give me a '70 454 SS Chevelle high output, and I would be even more happy.
I had a '68 Chevelle for my first car at 18.

YouTube - 70 Chevelle 454

Or a '67 GTO with the Hurst auto gate shifter, either would suffice :D

YouTube - 67' GTO (the Great One) Commercial
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Morgan Plus 8, 1930's style, wood frame, BMW v8 power.
X3 the FJ is fine the way it is, would much rather have a stock FJ a 1967 Shelby GT500E!!:rocker:
lol I misread. I thought it said 550hp FJ. So I voted for imaginary option 1.
Seems like an odd question. Unless you are trying to justify supercharging your FJ or increasing the horsepower in a car. Either way, you can have both it will just take a bit more time and money.

Personally I have no use for a supercharged FJ or a 550hp or 650hp car. Not that I wouldn't take one if it was offered to me. ;)
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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