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hey all... ive searched the forum and have found multiple thoughts about this and am trying to get the correct answer... there seems to be many different opinions available.

I am trying to install lug centric Pro Comp 8179's and spacers on my FJ. From what I've read so far, lug centric will work fine. I've ordered a set of Pro Comp lugnuts from 4 wheel parts and am in the process of making sure I'm getting the right ones. I got the regular acorn style, but 4 wheel parts is saying the ones I need have a shank on the end to grip more of the wheel. The problem is that these are only available in chrome, and I'm wanting black.

are they telling me I need the shank because of the spacers or because its lug centric or because my studs will be too short with just the wheel? or are they telling me I need the shank style because thats just this one guys opinion?

Thanks all
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