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Which Springtail M-PAC Should I Buy First?

  • Get the one for the rear door.

    Votes: 11 91.7%
  • Get the one for the side.

    Votes: 1 8.3%
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I've though about the loaded or unloaded issue. I'm really leaning toward the door kit. I'm also not far from a co2 tank purchase (I think), so that has me thinking about the side model.

I've used the air jack to rotate tires, but haven't done any recovery stuff with it. I've done more demos for people that want to see it work more than anything. I should have pulled it out at Boulder Creek. I think I'll pull it out on the next beach run and play a little. It tends to draw a crowd anywhere I play with it.

EDIT: If someone read those last two sentences and didn't know what I was talking about, it wouldn't look very good.
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