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I upgraded to a permanent oil filter. There are a few companies that make them. I went with the Trufilter oil system. It is a billet aluminum filter case with a 30 micron deep pleated surgical grade stainless steel filter. I've had mine on for about three thousand miles now and I'm very happy with it. It filters better and has about twice the flow rate of paper/syn filters. They also use a "quad flow" design that eliminates the need for a bypass valve. This is good because it ensures that no unfiltered oil makes it to the engine. Servicing the filter is very easy. Simply unscrew the top, remove the filter, wash the filter, then reinstall. Adds about two minutes to the oil change process. Saves money in the long run as you never need another filter, good for the environment cause you don't throw anything away, and allows you to go 7500 miles between changes due to the superior filtration. I still change my oil every 3000 because I'm anal like that. The filter is $150 bucks, and IMO well worth it. I have a thread with some pics if you search for trufilter
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