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Wikid has been revised to a new look

Toyota Super White

I remember when...
Wikid was Sun Fusion Yellow

2007 FJ Cruiser,
Package 1
4x4, a-trac, locker, side air bags, FJammer audio etc

Special stuff
Total Vision Products Baja Camera System ,
Custom Overhead Console, 8 camera’s, 4 screens, digital switchers , ecu’s
Quad Channel DVR/ motion sensing, gps tracking
Center panel, cb mount, 9 switches
Custom battery box , over passenger, rear, wheel
Custom air compressor mount, over drivers rear, wheel
Second skin audio, complete interior sound deadening/ insulation

East Coast Gear Supply Nitro 4.56 gear’s

Doug Thorley SS ceramic long tubes, Y pipe and muffler
Custom 3 inch pipe, through bumper, oval exit
AFE Pro Guard Dry CAI

Overland Warehouse/Radlo 2.5
3” adjustable Coilovers,
Camburg 1.25 uniball UCA’s
Rears and coils custom valved for my FJ
Extended rear swaybar links
Swaybar relocate, bump stop extension
Toytec hd rear links
Toytec 1” Bodylift

Ricochet Full underbody skid package
Custom Laser cut, front skid.
Lower control arm skids
Rear shock skids
Inchworm, E-locker skid
Demello Hybrid Slider

Method Race Wheels 16x8 4.5 backspace
General Grabbers 315/75/16

Road Armor bull bar front
Bulldog 9500, Remote control
Viking Synthetic Winch line/ thimble
Metal Tech rear custom cut tube bumper

Kicker 400.4 dx amp
Kicker 500.1 dx amp, JL Audio with custom FJ box
Polk Audio 650 mm components, Polk audio 650 mm coaxials
Cobra CB/Wilson 1000 antenna
National Luna dual battery controller
2nd Sears Platinum M-1 Marine Battery
Engel 45 refrigerator
Blue sea 12 circuit fuse panel
CTEK trickle charger/conditioner

Leather headliner (trail stitched)
Leather door trim panels (embroidered)
MPAC rear door/ Molle bags
Wet Okele seat covers (on order)

Baja Designs 40" Stealth LED Bar
Vision X Tantrum rock lights/controller, remote
Vision X Soltice Prime 2" rear lights
Vision X Soltice 2" LED lights on each side
Onzuim interior lights, dashboard lightbulb

Off-Road gear
BajaRack, utility rack
Puma, 12v Air compressor, 1.5 gallon tank
Rear bumper mount air chuck.
Recovery bag, shackles, d-rings, straps,
Titan air jack
48” hi-lift
First Aid kit
Trail tools
CV axle , tie rod, serpentine belt etc.

In Development

Built in PC, with on and off road, Nav , Internet, etc.
Revised camera system (shhhhh)
10.4 touchscreen
10.1 widescreen touchscreen
Custom dash modification
A new take on Cold air intake

Sponsored gear
Total Vision Products, Baja Camera System
Overland Warehouse/Radflo, Suspension
Ricochet, full skid protection
Doug Thorley Headers/Exhaust
Toytec rear links, body lift, dif drop
Viking synthetic winch line
East Coast Gear Supply, gears
Method Race Wheels, wheels
Go-Pro, HD Video Camera

Total Visions, Baja Camera System

The story

After a year thinking about rock spotting camera's. I was strolling the auto isle at Costco. when I noticed a licensed plate rear view camera. Cheapo 80 bucks. Momma just rolled her eyes. After the groceries were put away, I went to the garage Faux hooked it up, bent the bracket for the camera and double face taped it to the right side of the front bumper, aimed at the tire. I took the truck down the road and followed street cracks, with the screen
I located a company in Tucson called Total Vision Products. Rod and I spoke at length, about a simple four-camera rock spotting system. Three months later, the idea evolved into a Baja Camera System, which includes eight cameras, overhead console, four screens, digital switchers and a quad channel DVR with GPS Tracking. Rod designed the equipment for this system.

Camera Views Include:
Front approach & Rear Departure (wide view)
Front rock spotters, left and right tires
Rear axle camera
Roof forward facing (wide and normal view)
Rear Roof (normal view.

Driver side views will be the front approach, rear departure, rock spotters, and axle cameras. Passenger side will be all roof view cameras. The thought behind this is using the driver side screens for utility and the passenger side for trail video. Cameras selected on screens, are all recorded to a quad channel DVR. Prewire in capabilities up to eight additional cameras, with two channels of audio.

Overland Warehouse/Radflo

We are using the complete 2.5 Radflo System that they have developed. The suspension is designed with the weight of my build in mind. After having three different systems on that did not perform well, I finally have the right one. It handles flawlessly and smoothly on the road. It also handles everything I throw at it off-road. System comes complete with 2.5 coilover's, 2.5 shocks, springs for rear, sway-bar relocate bracket, extended, bump stop for rear, and they added extended sway-bar link for testing. Don't count this out as a high performing system.

East Coast Gear Supply Nitro 4.56 gear’s

After a Brief encounter with the skinny pedal, I must have chipped a gear in my stock dif. Here is the Hill where I think it happened

Chase from ECGS helped outfit Wikid, with some new teeth. They sent out rear diff third member and front outfitted with 4.56 nitro gears, in turn I sent them the cores. I would highly recommend these guys for regearing

By the time I limped home, there were 3 teeth.. ahh missing.

If you have some mechanical skills or can recruit someone with those skills , you can save some $$$$ doing the switch out , yourself.


This is a company that truly knows how to treat customers.
I started with EXP rack and now I have changed to a utility rack. My motivation was to be able to Wikid in my garage.
35's 3" lift, 1" body lift and roof rack

Ricochet Skid Plates

Ricochet skid products are protecting the belly of Wikid. Brad, is excellent to work with and his skid plates are designed well. I have been abusing his skids since early 2010 with Cruise Moab, Sedona Fest, FJ Cruisers Summit and many local trails. They have been sliding rocks and still staying true to form.
Full under body skids customized with a sexy, laser cut “Wikid”
Lower control arm skids


This is a customer service oriented company that has a well designed product.
I started with the EXP rack, with a RTT. Now I have the Utility Rack, that gives me the ability to fit in my garage. I really like the new look and the construction is great. I have further plans for the rack to follow.

Doug Thorley Headers/Exhaust

Doug Thorley has outfitted Wikid, with a complete exhaust.
Long tube 304 Stainless Steel headers ceramic coated
Y-Pipe and muffler
In addition to this I had a local exhaust shop, Apache Muffler, run custom three inch tail section through the rear bumper with three inch oval tip

Here it is all trimmed up and done.

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Re: "WIKID" puulboy's other gal

WIKD has travel assistance now
Lowrance Baja 540c mounted in the Shadow Warrior location with a small twist
I liked the location, but thought it was too far to reach, with my short arms so I moved it back along with adding a fish finder swivel. The mount is 18 guage steel gussetted in 3 locations. the base of the swivel is custom made to use the triangle mount provided, then bolted on. I have tested in on local roads and highways. I think it will be fine on the trails too.
I did the headliner pull of use from either the passenger or the driver. It has no affect on my vision

New Engel frig mount

I decided to mount my frig in an alternate location. I rarely have passengers and even more rarely have more than one passenger. I decided to remove the drivers side rear seat and make a frig mount, where the seat was. I used the exsisting seat mounts, so I wouldn't need to drill more holes in my truck. It sits nicely one the mount and is secures with tie down straps. The front seat will move all the way back ( for those of you with long legs). The refrigerator door opens all the way, without contacting the ceiling. It is very secure and allows me to have the entire back for tools trail stuff and other storage. This was part one in my quest to organize the truck for longer trips
Here are some pictures
The seat base is contoured, so I made up the contour with 2 more 5/8 thick plywood pieces that level out the area.

I reinforced the front for a more solid strapping point

I added some carpet that I attached with 3M 77 adhesive and staples for the edges

Final result is a very sturdy, easy to access refrigerator. I tested pulling the basket , opening the door and removal of the refrigerator . It would be about a 30 minute change over to reinstall the seat.

The frig mount does not interfere with the other seat at all, so it could be opened or closed with no issue

The most difficult part of this mod was trying to mark the holes in the exsisting seat mount. It was a funny angle and had to try a few different methods of figuring out the hole locations. Once that was done, it went fairly well .

Rear dual battery set-up
Here is the result of my dual battery system
Behind the bottom section is a power inverter and the dual batter selenoid + controller. the box above has the optima red top battery and of course all the wiring necessary for smooth operation
I will go through the steps

I bought a rear winch cable kit for a bulldog winch which included 24 ' of Red and Black 2 guage cable, a quick disconnect and some wire ties
about 100 bucks total ( Wire aint cheap anymore)
I ran both cable from the front battery along the firewall throiugh the passenger side grommet.

I pulled the lower kick panel and all the door jamb trim and carefully ran all the wires through to the back trim by the rear door. Pulled the body trim away and ran the wires through to the back fenderwell

The Box
I made a mount in the location of the sub woofer and built it up to the level I needed to be above the trim

The next part of the puzzle is the faceplate for the bottom section which will be removeable when servicing is needed

Fiitting the important parts is next. I wanted to make sure they had breathing room Selenoid, power inverter costco special 1000 watt Zantrex
69 bucks and change
National Luna Dual battery 245.00 with remote control for dash

Fitting the lower faceplate

I bought some angle at Lowes 9 bucks Cut it up and welded it together for the battery box

Test fit it Ohh yeah the Sun Fusion color was my own choice

I do have a few extra wires I didnt mention 1 8 guage coming from the front battery for future reference and the remote controller which goes to the dash for the dual battery controller

Fabbing the top of the box

I have used 5.5 inches past the fenderwell. the box is tight and secure. It will also house my own version of a quick disconnect battery jumping system along with a blue sea 12 curcuit fuse panel .
I have complete control of my electrical system without compromising space. I will be adding a storage compartment for the rest of my rear area that will keep everything safe and free of lauching.
Once again Here is the complete (for now) version

I added a tailgate to my storage box that will serve as a table as well
Its made of 1" square tube skinned with 18 guage steel on both sides
As you can see some of the steel in missing from one side . I stitch welded the skins on and miter cut the 1 " tube . It actually is very square.
I used 3/16" cable for the table support. 1 " angle welded back to back for the eye mounts on the box.
It's painted yellow inside of the table , which is exposed by the plasma cut letters and added led lights inside on either end .
It was meant for function but added some form to it as well. It's hinged using 4.5 " bearing hinges used for large doors. They are welded to the frame. All in all it's very strong and would support any weight I would put on it. I also needed to modify the battery box so the cables could be mounted correctly
This is phase one.
After Ouray I will have an extender to clamp on the table to make it like a dinner table. Trek poles will act as legs to support the extension .
All of this will be done with lightweight material and store easily inside the storage box area

This side is only primer . It will be painted a semi gloss black


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Re: "WIKID" puulboy's other gal

looks awesome Don

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Re: "WIKID" puulboy's other gal

Very nice write up! I do like the rims; never seen that style before and the offset is perfect, giving a nice wide stance to wikid.

Does the 3" exhaust end under the cabin portion of the vehicle or is that just my imagination? I ask because that wouldn't pass PA inspection - exhaust gases may filter back into the cabin (that's what the state says, not me)!

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Re: "WIKID" puulboy's other gal

Very nice write up! I do like the rims; never seen that style before and the offset is perfect, giving a nice wide stance to wikid.

Does the 3" exhaust end under the cabin portion of the vehicle or is that just my imagination? I ask because that wouldn't pass PA inspection - exhaust gases may filter back into the cabin (that's what the state says, not me)!
Technically its inside the rear frame which would be inside the cabin portion. I guess I will never pass inspection in PA
Good point for all of those who have vehicle inspections to worry about.
I would just have to add a tailpipe for inspection
Good information

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Re: "WIKID" puulboy's other gal


You forgot the NO.1 mod.

See you tomorrow.
I completely forgot to add that in the lighting description. Thats what I get for finishing the post at 2 AM. I have since edited my post to reflect that important submission.

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Re: "WIKID" puulboy's other gal

Very Very nice.

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Re: "WIKID" puulboy's other gal

I really like what you have done here. We can all take a page from your book in the manner and order that you modded your toy. Nice process and very functional.

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Re: "WIKID" puulboy's other gal

Don, your rig looks great buddy. I like the actions shots too. Will have to hit the trails in Ouray next year. :cheers:

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Re: "WIKID" puulboy's other gal

Nice Write-up Don. :thinkerg:
When you do find spare time you can help with my build post.

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Re: "WIKID" puulboy's other gal

Nice, That's the Metal tech rear bumper, very cool buddy. :)
It looks like it will protect the rear & sides real well, very nice.
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