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About two windshield replacements ago, the installer broke 3 of the clips holding top molding to frame. Didn't tell me. Glued it. Now, I have to buy $130 trim piece every time I replace windshield.

Is there a fix for this? My current glass guy says no.


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DISCLAIMER: Part numbers and prices change. Do your own due diligence and verify. Links are from Supporting Vendors.

This is what I have found while researching parts for my 2011 Army Green/NSSE, color code 6V7.

The reveal molding retainers to upper body/frame are screw in replaceable, 4 each.

The upper molding is reusable if a qualified/competent installer is doing the work and removes it without destroying it.

Toyota 75503-35060-AO = White
Toyota 75503-35120 = Army Green/6V7

***The windshield "tech" where I went was wrong when he said that AG was not available, white would have to ordered and sent to a body shop to be color matched. Guesstimate was $300-$500 and maybe 2 weeks turn around time.

2007-2014 Toyota FJ Cruiser Reveal Molding Retainer 75563-35010 | toyotacool

The 4 each side corner cowl panel clips do need to be replaced each time. FJC forum Supporting Vendor PUREFJ sells them as a set (per side) ready to go.

If the "A" pillars needs new clips, 5 each side...


And have LEFT & RIGHT facing seals underneath the "A" pillars.

FJC windshield header panel 2.jpeg

Retainer, roof drip 75563-35010.jpg

If the spot welded on retainer is pulled off, it'll need to be welded back on by a body shop, sealed and painted. You don't want any pin hole leaks.


FJC windshield header panel.jpeg


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