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Windshield Wiper Blades?

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I'm researching changing my wiper blades and am finding all kinds of info. You guys are my go-to. What are my 3 wiper sizes and what brand is best with this windshield design. I'm new guys so don't roast me
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I just replaced the inserts only on the original wiper arms ... the OEM inserts lasted 7 years, and that's unmatched by any of the aftermarket blades I've used on my 4Runners (and I've tried most of the major aftermarket blades on my Toyotas over the last 21 years).

The OEM Toyota inserts are extremely soft and compliant, they feel like a silicone compound.

If you do decide to try some aftermarket blade assemblies, DO NOT throw away your OEM arms. If you are not satisfied with the aftermarket stuff, you can always just buy the OEM inserts, stick them in your original arms, and revert to original performance.
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I bought this:

What I got was pretty decent. I would have tried OEM inserts if my OEM blades weren’t long gone. The FL sun bakes them into pieces, so I’m used to replacing them once a year.

Edit: Also if I remember right the rear window blade has to be a certain design to work with the wiper retainer/holder when it’s turned off. Someone else can chime in on that and probably have a better idea than I.
You mean the sun bakes the inserts ... the metal arm assemblies last forever, although the black paint will eventually begin to fade.

On my '14, the original inserts were just as soft, compliant, and free from any cracking as the new inserts I installed. I don't know why they didn't wipe quite as effectively as they did when they were new.
There's a whole thread here (maybe more than one) that covers the part numbers for OEM blades and blade inserts ... gotta do a little searching to find it.

From one of the threads, but I can't confirm that these are the latest material:
"The part number for just the inserts are (1) 16" insert p/n 85214-YZZF2 (B400) (2) 14" (center and passenger) p/n 85214-YZZF3 (B350)."

I recently purchased a set of OEM blade inserts on-line, and they appear to be silicone rubber - very soft and compliant, identical with the original inserts that came with my '14.
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