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Windshield Wiper Blades?

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I'm researching changing my wiper blades and am finding all kinds of info. You guys are my go-to. What are my 3 wiper sizes and what brand is best with this windshield design. I'm new guys so don't roast me
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I bought this:

What I got was pretty decent. I would have tried OEM inserts if my OEM blades weren’t long gone. The FL sun bakes them into pieces, so I’m used to replacing them once a year.

Edit: Also if I remember right the rear window blade has to be a certain design to work with the wiper retainer/holder when it’s turned off. Someone else can chime in on that and probably have a better idea than I.
Correct, the rear is proprietary. The docking wedge is riveted to the arm. Sold on Amazon as well.
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