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Love this product - ordered the spray in black this summer and used it to touch up last year’s undercoating - did such a good job I will not need to redo the undercoating till next fall - very pleased with how well it adhered (I pressure wash the underside often) and the black looks great in more visible areas. Plus it doesn't stink like the other lanolin-based undercoatings. Will be ordering more today 👍
That's awesome to hear. Thank you so much for the kind feedback. Woolwax™ is developed specifically as an automotive undercoating, so it is much more viscous and resistant to wash-off than other lanolin coatings that promote their product as a boot spray, leather softener, wood treatment, auto undercoat, etc. To be multi-purpose they have to remain very low viscosity. Because WoolWax™ is built thicker, it is more resistant to wash-off than competitors products. WoolWax™ is built to last longer !
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