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Ive seen some great deals on tires for sale lately with almost no miles on them (5K or less) lately. Some are selling FJs, some upgraded to larger tires, some dropping a size for better economy. Only problem is none have been local to me, and price with shipping has brought them too close the cost of a new set. Looking for anyone selling within a reasonable drive from Seattle, WA.

Terra Grappler/Open Country, Duratracs, Revo2s would be my preference. as I need an AT that is good as possible in the snow and ice.

265/70/17 or 285/70/17. Would consider a set of 4 or 5 depending on what you have.

Let me know what you got, condition, and price. I also have a set of stock Duelers with 5K miles on them I can trade for anyone looking to go back to stock.

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