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TL;DR, I need a Metal Tech OCS Module 2.0. If anyone has extra, I am interested, thanks!

I am doing a FRS seat swap. Driver seat is done, but passenger seats, not much. Looks like metal tech stopped selling this roughy 2 months ago. Since then, I had been studying this OCS. I believe it's made by CTScott from yaris forum. I contacted him, but there is no response.

Some other users were able to reuse the passenger occupancy sensor. I cut the ones from the FJ passenger seat and work with it. I was able to switch the SRS on/off by using a C clamp. But, I forgot the seat can slide... My original plan was to put a metal plate with a bolt facing downward under the butt area. When a person sits down, it will compress these sensor and turn on the SRS. Now that my seat bracket arrived and trying to do a test fit, it won't fit.

So... I need one of these OCS Module. If anyone has extra, I am interested, thanks!
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