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I am located in West L.A. This bike is very powerful and while not a Hayabusa or equivalent speed demon, it goes faster than you'd ever want to go on a public road. The flat torque curve gives it maximum torque at only 4000 rpm, there is never a need to downshift or rev the engine high for any reason. Used for light touring and commuting. Adult owned, not molested, never been down. Starts and runs excellent. Well kept, properly maintained, this bike has a lot of life left in it, unfortunately no more available parking space makes it necessary to sell.
Features: new battery, Corbin seat, stage 1 modified jet kit (2" intake hole mod), Yoshimura exhaust can, Holeshot Performance 5 degree timing advancer, braided brake lines, Zero Gravity smoked windscreen, 12V 30 Amp switched accessory power, cigarette lighter power outlet, dual Freeway Blaster horns (high and low), new grips.
Problems: Rideable, but needs new steering bearings. Speedometer backlight is burned out. Front rim has a bent lip in one place due to running over a rock. Tire does not leak air, no change in balance that I can feel, but it can be fixed next time you get a new front tire.

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