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I have a set of 5 new rings for the TRD beadlock-style wheels. The rings are part# PTR18-35091.

These are brand new, never used -- I purchased a set of these wheels and had them converted to true beadlocks. I will also include the bolts and washers as well (5 bags containing 12 bolts and 12 washers). I don't know if the bolts normally come with that part number, but I can't use them anyways, so I'm tossing them in as part of the deal.

MSRP on these is $86.62 each but I'm seeing them online for around $66.

I'd like to sell these for $250 for all 5, plus $15 to ship. Shipping cost can be waived if you're local (LA, OC) and want to do a pickup.

PM if interested! Thanks

Just for clarification, this is the wheel they mount on:
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