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I have a WW2 Mechette up for sale. First $60.00 (Free Shipping to the US lower 48) takes it home. We will ship outside the USA (send your shipping address for a quote.
Up for sale is:

Legitimus Collins & Company M1938 Mechette

This is a beautiful WW1 #128 Legitimus Collins Mechete with its original Embossed Leather Scabbard. Looking at the emboosed leaves on the leather scabbard shows the quality and pride someone had carrying this Mechette!

This Mechete dates between 1937 to pre-late 1941, measures 27 inches from hilt to tip with a dark wooden handle (22 inch blade). The blade and handle are in very good + condition. The original scabbard is rated in poor condition.

I obtained the information on this mechette from military websites.

This would be a great gift framed and mounted!

PayPal accepted..........


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