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I have some rather unique cargo-carrying needs, and my solution for carrying windsurfing gear on my roof came in the form of custom-machined towers for mounting Yakima crossbars over top of my BajaRack, high enough that I can fit windsurfing sails in the basket rack below the crossbars. Here's what it looks like...

(click any photo for hi-res)

End result: Boards on the crossbars, sails immediately below 'em in the basket-rack.

Towers set the crossbars high enough off the BajaRack basket to allow room for sails and such below the crossbars.

The machined Delrin (black plastic) is nothing more than structural spacer here, under compression only. Stainless steel bolts and u-bolts, together with stainless backing plates and aluminum standoffs (buried inside the Delrin bits) are the only pieces under tension, forming a complete all-metal loop to hold everything together.

Note that my BajaRack was semi customized by the BajaRack team. They left off the rear bar per my request, and just put little braces in the corners instead. Clutch considering that my windsurfing sails are longer than the basket rack.

I can remove the crossbars+towers pretty easily by removing 4 bolts per tower. The towers stay captive to the crossbars, making things much easier when it comes time to put 'em back on.

This gives an idea of how all the pieces go together. The towers are intended to be configurable height, by adding/removing sections of machined Delrin spacer in the middle, and then using longer/shorter bolts.

This sketch shows dimensions of the machined pieces, along with McMaster-Carr part numbers of the purchased hardware pieces.

Just wanted to share in case someone out there has similar cargo-carrying needs who could benefit from something like this.
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