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Yet Another FJ and Fuel Thread....

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I saw a "Nostalgic For Fuel Prices" thread, a "How are you trimming your budget for rising fuel costs" thread....well, here is my contribution.

Last week I was driving 70-75 MPH, taking off from stop lights like everyone else, and I didn't know how to use the cruise control. I got 300 miles on the trip meter when the low fuel light came on (meaning I still had 3 gallons left in the tank). This week, that all changed (so did my paper air filter).

Last week I was getting about 19.5 MPG in the FJ with the above mentioned driving habits. After I filled up and parked it for the weekend, I thought I'd try something different: Drive 60-63 MPH on the freeway, and use cruise control. The freeway is pretty level, with a slight rise as I go north on the 605 toward the hills. There are peaks and valleys, as with any metropolitan freeway (over/underpasses). I take off more slowly (not as much go pedal) from stop signs and lights, but not so slowly as to provoke road rage.

Now for details on my FJ: 2007 4X2, bling plate, lifted about 2 1/2 inches with a stock Trail Teams 4X4 set of springs and shocks, OEM rock rails, roof rack, and plain Jane factory Dunlop 10-speed bike looking tires (kept at 35 PSI). Here's how she looks now:

So, getting on to the moral of the story, with the above driving modifications I went from 300 miles before the low fuel light came on to......wait for it comes.........349 miles. Dividing the miles driven at fuel up (364.8 miles) with the gallons used (15.879), I got about 22.97 MPG average for this tankful of fuel, or about 3 1/2 MPG better.

Ok, so That's a little over 2 gallons conserved, and I was driving myself to complete idiocy with all the slow driving. Let's say for argument's sake that it's 2 1/2 gallons saved this week. That 2.5 gallons means I saved $11.67 for this week, and over the month I will save $46.70 for 10 gallons of fuel. That is almost another tank of fuel. But for me, it's worth it to drive like I usually do.

I just had the oil changed and replaced my air filter today. I'll see if 1) I can replicate the results this next week, and 2) if it's any better with fresh oil/air filter. *Edit* Brock just reminded me...both fill-ups I used mid-grade 89 octane Chevron fuel.

There you have it. Results may vary, as may your mileage (get it? :D)
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throw on a set of 33s for the weekend and compare mileage....LOL I wish I could keep the tires and still get that mileage but guess performance would suck. I just started using 87 and 89 octane for now...LOL
Kinda makes me glad I didn't get the tires when I could have :D
I think as time goes on and the price of gas gets crazyer more people are going to realize that taking the foot off the throttle makes sence..... Or dollars.
Speaking of crazy. I was thinking if you only used the bottom half of your tank you would be packing less weight around. It would only be benefical if the gas station was handy and you had that kind of time.
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